Boone’s great breakfast and lunch spot come and taste what everyone is talking about
Open: 6:30am-2pm Monday to Friday 7am-3pm Saturday & Sunday
Breakfast served all day, Lunch from 10:30am
Sunrise Grill is a family owned and run breakfast and lunch restaurant located in the heart of Boone, North Carolina. We strive to provide delicious, varied and creative comfort food in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Many of our menu items are true Sunrise originals.  Unique offerings you will not find anywhere else. Our customers often describe our food as the best of its kind in Boone.  They describe  our staff as very friendly, hardworking, helpful and second to none. The quality food, great servers and friendly atmosphere all make Sunrise a local favorite and an alternative to the humdrum options you may find elsewhere. Sunrise also offers catering for breakfast, lunch, dinner and BBQ for parties of 10 to 300. Full service, pick-up, and delivery options are available. The restaurant is also available to you after hours. As a venue that can accommodate up to 50 of your guests.Why not bring a little sunshine to your day today? Sunrise

This Week’s Specials

  • Beastie Boy

    Sweet Potato Hash

    Sweet Potato, Onions and Chorizo/Soysage Served with one egg and choice of toast 6.99


    Irish Over Easy Omelette

    Perfectly cooked Sunrise corned beef hash, topped with two over easy eggs, wrapped in an omellete, served with slice of toast 9.99


    Cheddar Gorge

    House made cheddar bread, grilled ham topped with an egg and melted cheddar cheese 7.99


    Fajita Quesadilla

    Char-grilled organic chicken, a blend of Mexican herbs and spices, sautéed onions, cheese and a side of salsa 8.99


    Egg in the Sun

    Best egg in the hole you’ll ever eat. Slice of Sunrise house made bread, chorizo, onion and egg, finished with side of French toast from the hole. 7.99


    Curry Turkey Club

    Hand carved turkey on house made cheese bread buttered with curried mayo, topped with bacon lettuce, tomato and red onion 9.99


    The Beastie Boy

    Angus burger, topped with choice of cheese,

    Slow cooked beef brisket and house made brisket sauce and side of fries 10.99


    On the lighter side

    Oven Roasted Tomatoes 1.99

    Oven Baked Apples with Cinnamon and Blueberries 1.99