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Our customers often describe our food as the best of its kind in Boone and our staff as very friendly, hardworking, helpful and second to none. The quality food, great servers and friendly atmosphere all make Sunrise a local favorite and an alternative to the humdrum options you may find elsewhere.
  • 5 Stars
    I never leave this place unsatisfied. The service is quick, the staff is friendly and fun, and their biscuits and gravy are superb. They give a good name to locally owned.– Vanessa James
  • 5 Stars
    It’s my own personal CHEERS/Mel’s Diner. The food is wonderful and the staff is full of the kind of people you want to be your friends and neighbors. They do an excellent job of accommodating my son’s special dietary needs and do it eagerly and with a smile.– Tiffany Hammond Christian
  • 5 Stars
    Best breakfast in Boone! Food is great and the service is amazing! Owners are very friendly and customers are treated like family. We always eat here when we are in town.– Elizabeth Soukup
  • 5 Stars
    Love having breakfast here. Hard to get into sometimes but that’s the price you pay for being good.– Anthoney Greene

“There’s somethin’ about Sunrise Grill”

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If you’ve never been to Sunrise Grill, you’re missing out. Sunrise Grill just might be one of the best kept secrets in the High Country. Whether you’re visiting friends, on a weekend getaway, or are a resident, you have got to try Sunrise Grill in Boone, North Carolina. They’re known for their unique take on traditional breakfast dishes, but they’ve also got a killer lunch menu. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Sunrise, so I thought I would give it a try. I found out that since I’ve eaten there, it’s come under new ownership and the inside has a fresh, new look. Sunrise was bought recently by the Hunter Family. They’ve worked hard to revamp the look, feel, and even taste of Sunrise, and to me, it’s so much better. Since they are known more for their excellent breakfast dishes like the Nutella Stuffed French Toast and the Southern Benedict, I thought it might be good to try some of their lunch dishes first. It took me about 20 minutes to decide what I wanted because everything looked so good. Finally I settled on The Bob Marley. The Bob Marley was stacked with Grilled Jerk Chicken, peppers, onions, pineapple and provolone cheese on top of a sub roll. I’ve been trying to eat healthy so it was super easy to ask for it on wheat bread instead of the sub roll. I also wanted to try their hand-cut fries, so they let me trade the regular fries that come with it. Another lunch dish that I tried was the Grilled Turkey Panini. There’s just something so special when you have a warm sandwich in your hands with golden, crunchy bread and melting cheese oozing out of the edges. The Turkey Panini itself included turkey, bacon, mayo, cheese and tomatoes. A side of regular fries was also included which were also very delicious. The simplicity of the sandwich is what makes it so great. The turkey was sliced thick, the bacon was cooked to an ideal crisp and the cheese was melted just enough to hold the sandwich together. This dish is amazingly comforting and will make you feel like you’re at home as soon as you take your first bite.


Before any of you start making the assumption that I ate all this food myself, let me tell you that the Hunter family was so kind and hospitable that they made a variety of dishes for me to sample and review. One of my favorites that I sampled was The Grayson. The Grayson is a delicious spin on stuffed french toast. With the perfect amount of cream cheese and raspberry filling. It was amazing. If the Grayson is any indication of what their other stuffed french toast is like, you won’t be disappointed. Another one of my favorites was the Southern Benedict. Sunrise has put a sweet southern twist on the classic Eggs Benedict. They sandwich a sausage patty in between two delicious biscuit halves. The eggs are served poached on top of the sausage biscuits. After that they top it off with made from scratch, sausage gravy, giving it its southern flare. I had a bite, but because my stomach felt like it was going to burst from all the delicious food I ate, I had to exercise self control and not take another one. But oh, how I wanted to. It’s real good y’all. To read the article please visit!
Sunrise Grill has it all. For those of you trying to eat healthy, try the Sunrise Salad. Made with fresh lettuce and fruits and paired with poppy seed dressing, there’s so much flavor, you’ll feel guilty for eating it. If you’ve never been to Sunrise Grill, or it’s been a while since you last went, I encourage you to stop by soon!