Sunrise Small Plate Menu

Monday 1/23 marks the beginning of Boone Independent Restaurants Small Plate Crawl. Our menu is below.




Sunrise Breakfast Somosas (2) 4.99

Pastry stuffed with eggs, potatoes, onions, peas with a tinge of Indian spice served with Mango chutney

Egg in the Sun 5.99

Best egg in the hole you’ll ever eat. Slice of Sunrise house made bread, chorizo, onion and egg, finished with side of French toast from the hole.

Irish Over Easy Omellete 6.99

Perfectly cooked Sunrise corned beef hash, topped with over easy egg, wrapped in an omellete

Sunrise Breakfast Rangoons (3)  3.25

Stuffed with cream cheese and bacon, served with duck sauce

Mini-triple stack Reese’s pancakes 3.99

Peanut butter pancakes & Reese’s served with a shot   of peanut butter hot chocolate

Beef Teriyaki skewers (3) 4.99

Flank steak in authentic Oriental marinade

Eamon’s Cheeseburger Planets (2) 4.99

Hamburger and cheese wrapped in Sunrise House made bread


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